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New York Geology Resources Forum

This web site is your a central source for information related to the geology and geologic information providers of New York State. It contains links to Internet resources, publication titles, and addresses of businesses, government agencies, and colleges that can be a source for information on the geology and geologic profession in New York. The site is a work in progress, and will be frequently updated as new sources of information come on-line.

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This Geological Highway Map of New York is available at AMAZON.COM

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My ever growing collection of weblinks to geologic information has gotten so large, that I have had to move it to its own page. Just hit the button below to get there.

To provide you with an economical, fast, and reliable source for many of the books referenced on these pages, I have affiliated with, the worlds greatest discount bookstore. Many of the titles on this page will link you directly to my
New York Geology Bookstore, where you can shop online, and search for best-sellers or obscure titles. You'll even be able to find out-of print books. this, recently released publication The Gilboa Fossils from the New York State Museum.

Much of what is known about terrestial life during the Devonian Period has come from many extraordinary fossil discoveries made at Gilboa, NY.
The abundance and often superb preservation of fossils form Gilboa have made this area one of the most important Devonian fossil localities in the world.
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I hope my regular visitors will actively participate in the NY Geology Resource Page. I have set up a
NEW YORK GEOLOGY BOARDROOM with an interactive message system. I hope you will use this message board to begin some interesting and informative dialogs related to geology and geologists in New York. Feel free to talk about jobs, schools, mapping techniques, etc., or ask that question that's always been bugging you. Please check this resource out before you leave, and bookmark it for frequent revisits.
If you own a geology or earth science website, feel free to link directly to the New York Geology Boardroom Website.


Check out my "Must Read List" for New York State Geology
and my New York City Georeference List

Be sure to visit the new, Images of New York photo album.

United States Geological Survey:

The USGS maintains a number of WWW sites offering a variety of geologic information relating to New York State. Several of these sites links are listed below.

*USGS Webpage Links*

USGS Water Resources-Troy, NY Office
"Ask a geologist" - USGS Reston VA
USGS Programs in New York
Order Air Photos from USGS. . .

A complete index and searchable database of Ground Water Resource Reports produced by the USGS since the 1940's is available online.

New York State Geological Survey:

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The New York State Geological Survey is the oldest, and one of the smallest geological survey in North America., Their staff in Albany can provide a large number of bedrock and surficial geologic maps, research reports, and offer access to unpublished open-file materials. In addition, their professional staff is available to answer general questions about the geology of the state. The New York State Geological Survey is online, and the best way to get there is through our:

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation:

DEC's Division of Mineral Resources regulates the mining and petroleum industries in New York. Their website has a great deal of information on these industries, and the regulations that govern them.

NYSGA Guidebooks:

Another excellent source of geologic reports, maps, and sections covering many regions of the state are the New York State Geological Association Guidebooks. These field trip guidebooks have been prepared each year, for more than thirty years, by the host college for the NYSGA annual meeting. The field guide for a given year will generally describe much of the bedrock and surficial geology of the host region. This link above will provide you with a price list and ordering instructions for these guidebooks. Don't overlook this excellent resource.

New York geology "on the rocks":

Two well known New York geologists; Charles Merguerian, and John Sanders have produced an excellent set of field-guides, known collectively as the "On-The-Rocks" series. Each book in this series includes a section on the region's geologic background
( glacial, tectonic, and geomorphic history), localities to be visited, detailed driving instructions, descriptions of individual localties, and references for further study. Most of these guides cover areas of Long Island, New York City, and southeastern New York. Additional information and ordering instructions are available online.

Geologic Maps:

Searchable database for geologic maps throughout the USA

You can now conduct an online search for NYSGS or USGS geologic map coverage in New York State (and throughout the nation). Click their logo above to begin your search.

Long Island Geologists:

This association of researchers, educators, and consultants meet once a year, usually in mid-April. Their site is listed here, because it has a fair number of abstracts and papers dealing with the geology of Long Island & Metropolitan New York City. Definitely worth a look.

Aerial Photography:

Air photos, and other spacial digital products are available from the .
New products are frequently added, so check back with them occasionally.

the Book Shop that supports this New York Geology Resource Page

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Looking for work? . Have a position open?

As a service to my New York colleagues, I invite any geologist living in New York, who is currently looking for employment, to post a classified ad listing your experience & qualifications. You can include a direct Email link, as well as a direct link to any online resume you may have set up. I ask independent consultants or consulting firms not to use this service as a marketing tool.
Likewise, if you are an employer seeking a geologist, list your job here, and read the listings frequently.

These pages are constantly being updated, so check back with us occasionally to see what gems we've discovered out there. Needless to say, we only find the stuff. We cannot be reponsible for it's accuracy. Let the surfer beware!

This GEOSCIENCE site is owned by
Mustaf Ben Gooda.
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Planning a Trip to NYC?

*College Geology Departments on the NET*

Brooklyn College-CUNY
Colgate University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Hartwick College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Skidmore College
St. Lawrence University
SUNY Albany
SUNY Binghamton
SUNY Brockport
SUNY Buffalo
SUNY Stonybrook
University of Rochester
Syracuse University
Vassar College
Queens College-CUNY
Hofstra University
College of Staten Island - CUNY

Undergrad Scholarships Available


*Research Organizations on the NET*

Adirondack Research Consortium
Center for High Pressure Research
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Long Island Groundwater Research Institute
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research-Buffalo
Paleontological Research Institute-Ithaca
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

New York State Firefighters Memorial
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